Stake your tokens in
the smart way.

What is it

SMARTSTAKE is a platform where you can easily choose which token to deposit and activate as a stake. You receive a Staking and Masternode Pool account and arbitrage trading service

Long-term Staking

Maximize your rewards with a long-term staking strategy

Masternode Pools

Join a pool to increase the chances of validating blocks.


The license will choose the best tokens for you to stake.

Why you should stake

Take part in the decentralized finance (DeFi) and masternode markets. You just need to put tokens as a stake, and hold to receive daily rewards for the work of your wallet in the validation process.

Why choose us

The SMARTSTAKE service includes crypto trading with multiple strategies, based on each token and their price fluctuation. Monitor your wallet transactions, thanks to the public blockchain ledger.

How to do

It's easy, just put your tokens in your stake wallet! If you are unsure which tokens to choose, you can get help from the SMARTPOOL service to select the best tokens to suit your needs and goals.

Portfolio Software

SMARTSTAKE gives you access to some of the biggest Masternode Pools, and applies a long-term staking plan. SMARTSTAKE includes cryptocurrency and arbitrage trading in it’s portfolio, with different risk strategies: low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk SMARTPOOL licenses.